How do you play on Facebook. If you are playing on app and not signed into Facebook

How do you know if you are connected the right way to Facebook. And how do you play on Facebook.

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@Pamela_Horrocks, if you have the Facebook app on your device, and are logged into your FB account, then:

Go into the game, tap on your profile pic (top left corner), and see if the FB icon says Log in or Log out.

If it says Log out, that means you are logged in.

If it says Log in, that means you are not yet logged in to FB on the game. You can then log in, and link your TriPeaks account to your FB account.


I also don’t play thru Facebook but want to. I’m afraid to log on though because I got a note this week that after April, if I try I would lose everything. Do they mean April 2021? Why am I seeing it now?

@Marybeth61, I heard that’s been postponed. As of today, it’s still safe to log in and out (I did last night when I played).

If you have never logged on before, and your game is saved as a “Guest” account (even if you changed you name - I like to call it a “Logged Out” account), then your game progress is stored on your device. Which is fine with TriPeaks, even under the new Guidelines being implemented soon - until you wash your phone in your robe pocket in the laundry (true story). Then you lose your game progress.

If you log in with Facebook, your game progress will then be stored externally. You’ll be able to use any device to play your game, and your game progress will be loaded on any device you log into.

Additionally, if you log in with FB, and this is the first time doing it, your account will now be considered what I call a “Logged in” account. Once you have a Logged in account, if you were to log out, you would see a brand new TriPeaks account, starting at level one.

Some players like to have a Logged in account, and a Logged out account, so they can be in more than one club, or double their playing time, or for whatever reason. I think TriPeaks has been testing not allowing players to have a separate Logged out account, as 2 of my 5 devices will no longer log out. That’s fine though, I don’t need more accounts! lol.

The new guidelines, that will eventually be implemented, will allow those who don’t want to create a Facebook account, to instead create an Apple ID, and log in that way instead. Android users can also create an Apple ID, so everyone will have the same opportunity. I have all androids, and created an Apple ID, just so I can see what happens using that as Logged in account. (I’m curious about everything LOL)

I hope this puts your mind at ease to go ahead and log in using your FB account. Let us know if you have any other questions!

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