How do I unlock level 661 in tiger terrace

I have finished level 660 and the fog has not lifted - how do I go to level 661? There is a icon that I thought would lift but it has not…

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I’ve got the same problem. I think we need to win 90 games in the expert level section. I’ve unlocked 13. They’re really hard and impossible to win after level 5 without a tiki.
I’m guessing this means I won’t be seeing Poi for quite a while.

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Yeah, after 660, you have to complete the expert levels…I have taken a break from trying.

I’m just annoyed that it means double Poi day or the Poi 24 hour quest are useless to me and my team

Katie, when it pops up to poi click on that and you should still be able to do those quests.

They have added a few more levels now… I think it’s to 675… but after that you have to do expert levels… I think there’s 800 of them.