How do I report game concerns?

If I’m having an problem with a feature in the game (not paying like it should), should I still use the help button to report it, or is this forum being used for that as well? I like the response time here so I’m typing with my fingers crossed. LOL


I would continue to use the help button. It also helps if you take a screen shot of the problem if you can


Ok, thank you beachglass!

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Yes I have found I receive lost items better if you send a screen shoot, to prove your point.
I have also been uninstalling/reinstalling each day Iv found right now with all the testing if it’s a minor glitch this helps and if it dosnt then I send a ticket.
-tripeaks first response to a ticket is usually this…
keep in mind you should lose nothing by off loading the app and reinstalling.


And I feel @CindyLu and all players with concerns on something being wrong with your game should still use the help ticket threw there game.
Especially after I seen that gsn sold all it shares.
This means changes and only players with a voice are the one who submits a feedback ticket threw the help line.


Use the help button.
Be prepared for a computerised response because the helpers are restricted in what they can say
They do the best they can with the restrictions

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Use the help button. You can also take a screenshot of the issue u are having.

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