How do I remove a TriPeaks account from Facebook?

I’m new to Facebook. The ONLY reason I joined was because GSN (TriPeaks) told me it was the only way that I could retrieve a ‘lost’ account.

Now that I am catching on to how to play the game - and in clubs - I want to delete the original account - not merge it with my new account. Is there a way to do that and if so, how many times can it be done?

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I believe you would have to start a NEW Facebook, to link it to.
-making sure your old Facebook is total logged out of the device you are on and the the new account is open when you link the game.
I know several players that have more then one acct this way.
I believe Cindylu has post on it if you search her name here.
She has serval accounts

Thanks, Tasha. To be honest, I HATE Facebook and only opened an account because of 1) TPS and 2) a friend hassling me to get a Messenger account. I think I would rather jump off a cliff than open another FB account. I have enough devices that it’s probably going to be easier to just start a new TPS account. Yes…I’ll lose my level and a LOT of chests, but…

I pretty much only have Facebook for this game also…
But I will admit now that Iv had it for a year Iv added a few of my family and a couple of groups, but NO way am I adding every person I know.
Idk but maybe you could use Apple ID instead, I don’t think you have to be a apple user to do it, I believe Cindylu researched that also.