How do I improve my game play

I know that the difference between Legends League and everything below isn’t just a matter of being better than the rest of us. just got to be some tips tricks and or something I’m not thinking of, at the present moment, being done by these people that the rest of us just don’t know? Is this their dirty little secret and for us to find out on your own

Speaking for myself, I honestly just accept my loses and play islands or levels that will give me a good enough payout. I avoid using the more cards or undo buttons. The quicker you are and the more streaks you get the better the payout.


They use money $$$$$

They are not necessarily better players but they are spending “real” money for coins and boosters. That are using more cards and undos to win every game. I read one post where the player said she spends $2000.00 a month on the game. Of course she will come out on top.