How do I get red stars?

How do I earn red stars?


You earn red stars by completing a game in time given, streak, but for the 3d i’m not sure…you’ll find it😊


You pretty much had it @2534610a842d264c7b0c, thanks! :slight_smile:

To earn the 3 red stars per hand, Left to right:

  1. Completing the hand
  2. Having time left on the clock when completed
  3. Filling up the streak meter 100%

You can get 6 stars per hand of you use a red star booster before playing.

If you want to earn the time star, but have already run the clock down to 0, I wait until I have 1 card left on the table, and a face up card on the draw pile that will clear that card, then use a time booster tio add 30 seconds to the clock. That will give you the red star for time, and give you coins in your winnings for speed.

A 2x streak booster will help you fill the streak meter with less cards needed. 3 cards will fill 1/3 of the meter, 5 cards will fill 2/3, and either 7 or 8 card streak (i don’t remember offhand) will fill it completely (instead off the 15 cards normally needed)


@CindyLu, I learned something new! I didn’t notice it filling it twice as fast. I thought it doubled the streak points. Lol

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