How do I earn more coins

This is such a fun addicting game! Just would like to know how to earn more coins so I don’t have to purchase them.


Hi @LuLu_Ann, here is another post with hints to getting more coins:


Also @LuLu_Ann, your FB friends can help:

Player Hints and Tips - Asking Friends for Help

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I do the same I try n save some but I’m not as worried about saving coins as my points I get I found I was able to save some if I concentrated more on that set a goal you want to make a day n then add to it every week like on Thursdays when perks start too is good for beginning I set my firsts week at 7000 pts now it’s at 10 and I stopped adding to it for now but almost always get the 10 once I reach it I kinda stop playing for day n just collect coins n Olay tribute games only that I’m given for me it’s the only way I can save


I set point goals for the day too!


The Facebook page for the game gives away free coinage every other day. Also the free coin button at the bottom if you watch the videos gets good coins some days. The trick is doing it every day


Be sure to become friends on fb with your team playerd


The New Friends Center is a prominent key to getting free coins. First, I would encourage you to be a part of a club and choose a club that will meet your type of play- example- some clubs are laid back but some have daily requirements that u must meet or they kick u out. All teams require daily play but if u communicate why u cannot play, usually accommodate because life happens!).

New Friends Center- (90k Coins daily allotment) you can choose 30 Friends - you want to choose people that are committed to playing daily because they will supply you with free coins. CHOOSE WISELY. YOU CAN REQUEST YOUR CLUB to be a part of your friends or all. (My experience is that not all club players reciprocate so I can check their sharing status- and delete their name to find someone or let others request me from other teams).
Major Key- “your chosen friends are the lifeline of getting your 90,000 coins daily). You want to play daily.

2.You can request for coins every 4 hours by a click of a button. When u click Ask, it will send requests to your chosen friends and your game name will appear in their Game Center and when they click your name it will send you 3000 coins.

ads- watch them daily- 1 minute ads- after the minute is up, X out the ad and 3 prize boxes pop up for u to choose).
U CAN EARN $5knor more

Thirdly, “Hidden Coins” - various games has a fish swimming across the screen- click on ones that has a coin in the tummy- it’s minimal coins but it ads up.

MAJOR KEY IN ALL GAMES- Play Wisely -LEAVE THE BACK BUTTON ALONE- to capture the card u missed and DO NOT HIT THE ADD 5 or MO Cards button. This can eat away your coins very quickly. Some games charge 3000 coins, then you click add again and agin, and it cost more and more and more - before u know it, u have spent 20,000 coins just to win one game. (-if u cannot win the game, just start another.

Lastly, this is so important to everyone that plays…if your games crash in the middle of the game, take a photo of it and send a ticket to the helpdesk- ( under the MENU BUTTON, HIT HELP, HIT CONTACT- u answer 4 questions) they will send u a ticket to the email u provided on Facebook- don’t forget to check your email) or if your game does not pay out on The Leaderboards- each game cost you @ least 3k - the game crashing is 3000 coins lost- rather than complaining on FB - u can do something about it by sending a ticket to the Help Desk. will research game data- to see what happened and award accordingly.


  • u can earn 10,000 to 25000 coins depending how high in the red stars you earn in the game. To play the Leaderboards - they start on a Sunday. To start the game, u must click on the Leadership board in lower left corner, play a Red Star - at the top u will see how many u have, click on the button. The Red Stars Also gives you 3 hours to win double red stars.

Daily Inbox:
the game gives you coins and wild cards each day…don’t forget to click on the news buttons, rewards button.

Daily Quests
Each quest awards you either FREE PLAYS, WILD CARDS AND MEGA COINS.

FACEBOOK- friend Tripeaks Solitaire Groups
Every day, open this group and click on PHOTOS…When I was new to the game, I was able to click all photos for the year and acquire all the rewards. Every other day, Administrator of the game will post a new photo, and when u click on the photo, scroll to the bottom, click on Read More-usually if there are rewards, there will be a link that u click on, and it will open up your game, and show the rewards added to your account.
( I want to reiterate, if you believe that rewards were not added to your account- contact the Help Desk- it’s up to you to do something about it. The Help desk ticket process is how you can be allotted your rewards losses - not by complaining on Facebook . This game has 1000’s of players and the graphics are the best I have seen yet- just like any electronics, there may be a glitch in the system but it doesn’t happen a lot.

Enjoy the game…when I began the game in 2018, I failed to read the how to instructions in the beginning. Then, When I read about all the wild cards, under the Menu Button, my game improved a lot.


One minor point to your excellent list. The maximum possible daily allotment is 90000 coins not 60000.


Thank you. When did this change?


Hi @Inhiscare2, you can get 90,000 coins a day since the friend center was created, because every 4 hours means you can Ask for help 6 times in a 24 hour period. 6 x 15,000 = 90,000. However, to do this you have to set a timer, and be sure to Ask every 4 hours. I need 6 hours of sleep, so that’s not happening for me LOL.

Excellent list of tips! Thanks for sharing!


Thank you CindyLu
I know it was a bit long, but I wanted to cover it all in a user-friendly way. Do us know how I can edit the post? I need to change the amount we can get from friends now


Thank you…best advice & info I have seen.

Question…if I never hit more cards to finish game…I lose chance to get those last few tributes…do you just keep buying more tributes?


:clap::clap::clap: Excellent post with great tips!!


Thank you for your comment. Pass it on to your friends who are new to the game.


Key- REMEMBER…this game will deliver Tributes to your account on the hour (That’s your call- if you want to spend 3k or less in coins for 5 more tributes go for it, but it’s unnecessary.)

I used to buy them but that’s when this game was set up differently.


Thank you…I honestly thought getting more tributes was only way to speed perk opening.

I have seen a few members that only have a few islands opened (one was still in turtle cove) yet they get several points & tributes… I think there are still smarter ways to play that I just have to figure out lol. I can’t get through Shipwreck shores yet…it gives you so few cards.

Thank you again very much!

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@Inhiscare2, I see you figured out how to edit your post YAY :slight_smile:


You are very welcome. One thing that I enjoy is helping people. We learn by playing, by reading under the Menu and FAQ’s. Mostly, when I decided to click on everything or the game icons, it helped me understand what was behind them and what it stood for.

The only games that I will play the back button to complete the game is Tiki Island.
It takes discipline not to hit the back button.


This is soooo helpful I have never know. This and have waited sooooo many coins doing this thank you🙏


I’ll try , ty, not sure quite what you mean but i’ll look .l don’t know for how ? I never want to stop playing but always run out of coins.