How do i delete friends in friend center

Unable to delete idle players or players who don’t give coins but always ask for coins. I need a delete button on my screen bcz my smartphone don’t have a delete button. Plz tell me how to delete players instead of just putting them in the suggested column

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The suggest area is only a small list of players you can choose from to request them in to your friend center share, if they are in the suggestion area they are not your SHARE friends yet…
If this makes sense.
Did you know there are other ways to request friend for your share center also.

  1. You can go threw your redstar list, most of these players will be in the suggested area already, but it worth a shot.
    If you tap there picture icon you will see invite friend.
  2. You can go into the clubhouse and friend players kinda of like if you were choosing a new team, you pick a team and if you hit any players icon it will show you 2 options, invite friend or invite to team. If you choose invite friend it will send them a friend request.
    Any request you have sent out will be pending in your friend center until they accept or you delete.
    There is one other option you could send a feedback ticket with your suggestions to the game, threw your game.
    I hope this has helped you, goodluck

Hi Lainee,
Go to your Friend Center and click by the person you want to remove. It will bring up a box that says view profile or remove. Click remove.


Hi Lainee,
What is your name in your Club? I don’t see you.

In my Dizzy Desert club, my name is Funla805. Sorry 4 the delay, I’ve been ill for awhile & 4got I wrote 4 help here plus it’s my 1st time replying in The Forum. It’s a lot to remember.

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@Lainee_Lewis No worries, happy to hear you are feeling better. Did you figure out how to remove friends?