How can you use the club Inbox?

Does anyone know what the function of the club inbox is for? If you can use it to message members please! Let me know. Thank you

Sorry but the club inbox is not to message members would be a great feature tho!
I know a few things that show up in your club inbox,
—game credits from tickets of lost items submitted threw the help feature show up there,
—-and if you request to join a team it shows there or if a team request you.
Those are the only things Iv seen there.


@Christy_Roberts The Club Inbox in the Clubhouse, is for when someone is requesting to join the club you’re in. The Messages in the Inbox [top right side] are where your “invites/accept” for/from clubs will be and where Solitaire support sends coins/chest [very rare] when there are reported issues


Thank you for letting me know♡

Thank you.:heart: for getting back to me.

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Yes, you can sent messages to your clubmembers

Threw the game app!
HOW…we would all love to know how😍

“through”… not threw, threw is an action, as in I threw the ball.

I left “through” the door, as in to get through some way

Sorry, that’s just driving me nuts :grinning:

threw? :thinking:

the word you need is


:woman_shrugging:t2:…good thing this is just a forum not a spelling :honeybee::rofl:

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You really don’t see it do you?

(threw means to have thrown something)

This is where you go to use the game chat…

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