How can a team of 1 active player with 7k on Sunday be Diamond League?

Someone please explain this to me…

It’s an old diamond team where everyone has left, from friday morning to when you screen shotted this, except the people you see here and not a newly created team.

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@Nicole_Maindok_Ingra, you have to have so many active players in a club to actually be in a league. I think it is 15, but not sure off hand.

I see that even the leader hasn’t played in 214 days. Would you consider moving to a more active club? You can benefit and get more chests at the end of the week in a club that is more active.

I just found out we’re going to have a spot open in one of my clubs & sending you a PM here. If you tap on your profile pic (upper right corner), you should see the notification :slight_smile:

It really doesn’t make sense. A leader that inactive would have been replaced by the system. It’s also unbelievable that a club that made it to diamond would have every player bail and the only active player is a member who couldn’t boot anyone

@DLW8, it doesn’t make sense, but it happens. I habe spent a LOT of time recruiting for our clubs, and have come across thousands of clubs with inactive leaders. I’ve heard a couple people say the leader was reassigned to an active player in their club, but that must be being tested, as it’s the exception rather than the rule.

I’m thinking that if enough players quit playing, or changed clubs at same time (didn’t have to be 24), it may have disqualified them from competing in the club league, and they retained their placard (but not their standing).

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