Honest Play looking for new members

Honest Play will have 3 spots opening after tournament end on Thursday. If you would like to join pls send an invite in game and comment your game name here so I know to approve you!

We have a group FB page to trade coins and discuss club business and irl things. We buy gifts often for each other. We do chat although not extremely chatty. We always earn 5 perks but not perk 6, although with your help maybe we will! Top earner each week for points and also tributes gets recommended by me for Player Spotlight!

Requirements are: active every 36 hour (with leeway given for vacations and life changes as long as you let me know), 8k minimum club points, must read chats and club notes (tips, advice, and notices), must click thanks when gifts are bought for you, must click club gift when its available, and most importantly have fun!