Hold Free Plays

I think it’d be awesome to be able to decide when I want to use the free plays, instead of having to use them immediately. Same for the 30 minute rewards


I agree 100%, it would greatly improve the game.


Absolutely 100% I have thought the same thing


Agree…especially with 30 min boosters…like I just woke up!! LOLOL. Make it first 30 minutes of playing time. Cause I’m a captain and do a lot of club upkeep first thing.


My thoughts exactly :slightly_smiling_face:


Honestly, it shows that they don’t understand their players needs! But I do understand it will drive a sense of urgency which would then be tied to making money from purchases for some players. A bit of a dirty psychological gamification trick.

Definitely agree! Especially the 30 minute things. I play on break at work and have to choose whether to not play at all or waste a lot of it.

My thoughts exactly!!

Abosultele i agree with you

How do you hold free plays and the 30 minute rewards?

@Carry_Wensel, you can’t currently hold free plays and the 30 minute rewards. (If you earn free plays through Quests, you can delay collecting the reward until you want to use it. And you can “delay” the 30 minute rewards if you remember which day they’re on and don’t start to play until you can commit 30 minutes to take advantage of the reward.) But the OP was suggesting it would be great to actually collect and “hold” free plays and the 30 minute rewards until you’re ready to use them - and I (and the rest of the commenters) agree wholeheartedly!

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I’ve often thought it would be nice to be able to control everything a bit more. I would definitely be able to binge play alot more…:nerd_face::sunglasses::crossed_fingers:

100% agree we should be able to choose when we use our specials

I agree, that would be great

I agree with you, I have learned to hold free plays from quest rewards until dO want to use them!

Yes please!! Being able 2 hold free plays and 30 min free would be so helpful! Strategic playtime …