Hold cards ,golden tikis

under fax ,it talks about hold cards and a few other things I have never had. Do you have to reach a certain level? Also, is there a reusable golden tiki?

You only can get a Hold card by finishing the ‘extra’ 7th perk with your clubmates.

I cannot tell you when or why it will appear, because I only see it once.

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@Carolyn_Morris and @Joozt, Hold a card is introduced in Tiki Seas. You are given a space next to the discard pile that you can set one aside. Once you engage the hold a card feature, you can toggle the held card back to the discard pile at any time. It works great with the golden tiki! Put tiki in the hold a card spot and use it when you want to.

As Jootz mentioned, sometimes a special perk is out that has “hold a card” as a reward. If the special perk is completed, all games, including those in Tiki Island and Tiki Skies, have a place next to the discard pile to hold a card.


The hold card was explained above. There is no reusable golden tiki. When you complete perk 6, you get a golden tiki at the beginning of every game.


Although there is no reusable golden tiki per se, there is a way to reuse the golden tiki when it is available, depending what cards are on the board.

It is explained more in this post:
Player Hints & Tips - Reusable Golden Tiki