Ho w do you use the gems, medallions,and boosters

I have medallions,boosters and gems but I don’t know how to n play with them.


Welcome to the forum @Mm11!
The medallions can be used in the Treasure Shrine. You can drop them to win prizes like free plays, boosters, coins, etc.
The boosters can be used during game play, allowing you to eliminate certain obstacles or boosting your play.
Gems can be used in the store to purchase free plays, chests, certain boosters.
I hope this helps!


Thanks laura for your help


Don’t forget to check the shrine regularly and Congratulate winners. Every 5th Congratulations gets you a free medallion to drop in the shrine


Speaking of gems, can you not spend gems if you arent in a club?

Good question @Lissa_Staggs, I’m not sure. I’ve been in a club since the clubs started.

Laurel_T that’s part of my issue as well lol, I have always had a club until recently. But work and life got too involved and my co-leaders and I decided to shut it down. So I been playing without a club when I can. Was going to cash in my gems yesterday and can’t seem to find the icon without being in a club…

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Lissa, try joining another club (any club) to see if the gems are still there. You can always leave after redeeming if they are still available.

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@Lissa_Staggs I agree with @Jocool459, you should join any club just long enough to use the gems.


@Laurel_T I must have missed the part where she said it was only 3 gems. :woman_facepalming: IF there were MORE gems that would somehow be useful, there are plenty of clubs to join whose members have not played in 180 days or more. :woman_shrugging:

@Jocool459 no, she didn’t say 3. My phone auto corrected “the” to “three”. I didn’t catch it.

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Lmaooooo, nah, definitely more than 3…:joy: I didn’t want to join a club and give anyone any false hope or anything so I just created a bogus club for myself and redeemed then killed it. Thanks y’all

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Great plan @Lissa_Staggs!!

If you would like, we would welcome you in our club. We are Poi’s Kennel Club. We were a Diamond league that recently lost some top players and dropped to Diamond. We are trying to rebuild.