High scores even possible?

How is it even possible for players to have over 500,000 going into day 6, that’s over 90,000 daily. On a good week I have over 100,000 and that is playing a fair share each day. Its not even close.
Guess GSN is ok with cheats!!


Hi @James, I wouldn’t want to play that much! LOL I only earn about 70,000 - 80,000 a week! The link below is to a topic where we discussed this. :slight_smile:


I don’t even bother with peeking on top clubs. Myself I have hit the 100k a week a couple of times, and that is constantly playing. I’d end up deleting the game trying to obtain top 10 club points. My comfort zone is 40-65k per week, playing this allows me to grow my bank, not go bankrupt and still love to play the game!