Hidden Keys quest

Got this quest today. hated it! Just like Lost Kings when it was a beta version. Some frames had no keys…most one or two. Needed to find 145 of those little darlings. Lots of coins for very little reward…2 volcanos or 10 boosters or 1 event chest . Think I will pass the next time. Not happy☹️


Absolutely hate this quest. Basically another Scavenger hunt with a different name. Chasing keys instead of clubs etc. Total coin grab…icon usually on the most difficult levels. Reward not worth the coin or the effort!!!


I played 2 levels & realized it was designed to waste all of my resources. No more today not ever again


Exactly!! Just another way of getting scavenger hunt in!!!

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What is a key? At least the scavenger hunt says get Kong’s or hearts, but I don’t see any “key” when I collect a key, and it doesn’t seem to have anything to do with the suit or even a streak. Key points just show up randomly so it’s not like I can try to “find” something that looks like a key.

Any ideas?

I still don’t understand Hidden Keys. Will never play this again! No ideas how to find a key.

The keys randomly appear and are hidden under cards. No rhyme or reason so it is difficult to use any type of strategy to get them.

Keys are impossible! I can’t seem to win very many and used all my coins. I hate the key scavenger hunts.

That is certainly what it looked like so than you for confirming there is no strategy to use. I have had more zero games than in any other game.

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Thanks for asking about the hidden keys. I was wondering if there were any specific cards that covered them.

I also wondered. Dislike the scavenger hunts where you need a certain suit because you have to lose a game to get more of that suit. At least setting a coin amount, let’s me play rather than focus on only hearts etc. Either way, the reward is worth far less than what I spend to get it.