Helps for Club Leaders

Could you please add the feature that automatically announces when a team member completes a Club Quest. The horn button rarely works anyway.


@Dahryl_White, the horn button only works for the first member who taps it… but I love your suggestion of an automatic announcement!!


I would love to see the club quest people who have maxed in place of the club gift.


I think that individual clubs have to decide how important the club quests really are to their game and what is the option if someone is not contributing to the club quests as expected. We have a player that may not play for 2 days but when he does, he may put 40 to 45,000 on the board. Obviously, he is not contributing to all club quests. Obviously, we don’t care! Our club kinda takes the stance that if we complete, fine. But, if we don’t, another one is coming. We don’t need to know who is and who isn’t. But we understand that some clubs do.

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As far as the club gift notification, I can’t remember in the nearly 2 years I have played on my club that we have ever missed one. Don’t guess we need that one either :grinning: