Help with site issues.

Hello everyone newbie here. I hope someone can help me. Is anyone else having loading problems. Also when I’m playing it use to restart every one and half games. So I lose my coins alot. Bet I lost over 50,000 coins sinc this started. I did contact support. But they fixed it now it just last longer before it restarts. Also I don’t know why but when I try to collect a bonus from Facebook it tells me I already received it. No I didn’t but it don’t answer me back. Lol If you got someway or something I need to do please let me know. Thanks Everyone. And best dish for Thanksgiving is the love I receive from family and friends. But ham helps to.

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I am also having these issues. My issues did not start until this site changed hands. I am disappointed because I love this game


I had this issue yesterday or the day before. I contacted support. They gifted my coins back and all the tips they suggested were things that I had checked prior to contacting them. It seems to have stopped now, but :woman_shrugging:. For me what has helped is to not used the replay or next button after playing a level. Instead I X out on the score screen and then hit the same or next level from the board to play. Hope this helps.

As for the links not working on their FB page, sometimes they simply do it wrong. Used to be they fixed the link once enough folks complained. Most recently they created a different link for a different prize. I didn’t realize the site had changed hands. That’s unfortunate if their responses aren’t going to be as quick or fruitful. Sometimes when the gift link on the Facebook page doesn’t work for me in the FB app I try it from FB on my mobile browser and it works from there. Sometimes it doesn’t work ever.

there was a update they snuck in 2 weeks ago [about] I could kill them. hit me during trib quest,every other game crashed,froze…not give rewards…sometimes took minutes to unfreeze and app would start over. so do this…[I have android phone] open settings find apps…go to tripeaks…force quit …clear cache…clear data…turn phone off and restart phone. Now start game it will take awhile,set phone down and go do something…the stored data is based on how far you are in game.The more islands you have, the more data is stored ans will be reloaded. So farther u are, the longer it will take. When u play first game or 2, it may stop and bottom right little bar may show “reloading”…it looking for that game to play.after a few games everything should be back to speedy normal. The cache is like temporary memory and u should clear it weekly to keep game fast.I do it every thurs at reset so I remeber to do it. I could explain it all, but u probably dont care and just want it to work again…this did it for me and several team ates with the same issue…good luck

Ps about freebees on FB it’s always wonky. sometimes works, some not… I just come back every 4-5 days and try again…U know u can go back 6 months to collect stuff… One day will tell me already collected then next day it will give me prizess…go figure

How do you contact support? I go thru google play. This site knocks me off at least 6 times a day. Hence, losing coins, tributes and play in general. Please let me know.

I contacted support thru the game. Tap the “menu” icon, then “help”, then the chat icon. I explained the issue, and they got back to me a day or 2 later thru the message tab in the “inbox” icon.

I am sorry but also glad to know this is not just happening to me! SO frustrating!

Have you tried uninstalling and reinstalling the game? That has solved issues for me in the past. After uninstalling power off your phone and wait a minute and power on your and then reinstall the game. Also you could try resetting your tri peaks cache in settings

Thank you everyone. Well support answered they thought they had it fixed but not. I haven’t heard from them since I told them it wasn’t fixed. Well I have been trying everyone’s ideas some work but I still having issues. No support did not give me my coins back. It has been a little better but now it could be 4 games and restart in middle of game. It start hesitating then boom it starts over. It wouldn’t be so bad that if you lost your connection it would at least return the coins you lost in that game. You all been so kind thank you.

Dont ever clear your data.

I do it al the time…[clear data] it gets scrambled fter several months…reloading it puts back in order and game runs faster… so according to u…why not?