help with setting up game on new kindle

ok.had the same kindle and was on tri peaks for the last 4 yrs. got a new kindle and cant find it. find the free ones but they suck up the points and try really hard to get you to buy them plus have to get to a major place in the game to even join. can anyone give me the website addy? i was in periwinkle. thanks

See if this helps you at all.

Thanks but I don’t have apple set up does it matter?

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Hi @Joan_Brooks, I’m guessing you are still looking for an answer & that you have an android tablet

For android, was your TriPeaks account linked to FB?

If so, did you “Log in” to FB in your TriPeaks account? (Tap your profile pic, top left corner, then tap Accounts, then Sign in with FB)

And last question, do you still have your old tablet?