HELP with Referral Links Please?


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:clubs:︎ I was just curious if there was a possible way to refer friends or family in exchange for a reward please? I could really use some insight on secret tips that could better help me please for I am learning as I go.

:clubs:︎ Also, if we cant refer, who can be contacted to possibly petition for a NEW Referral Program? I tried to look and even searched the forum, but came to no avail. Perhaps I need special tips about things not so typically easy to find?

:clubs:︎ Feel free to let me know if you have advice or need any help at all! Thank you in advanced and wishing everyone The Best of Luck!!!

:clubs:︎It’s been such a pleasure to meet everyone and I hope to see some new Friend Requests hopefully! :wink:

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H! There is no referral program that I am aware of. Many years ago, I did do a positive review on the game, and they sent a thank you gift.
If you want to give feedback or an idea for improvement while you are on the game, select your profile picture, select help, select chat with customer service, and use the category feedback.


Here is a link to suggestions that were made when GSN requested suggestions: Community Question: Thoughts on New Features? 2/25/2020

Good luck getting them to listen to anything.


Thank you ladies! I appreciate your help! :slight_smile:

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