Help people aren’t doing there job

This last week has been a Fiasco help team is ignoring people with real issues. I’m was 2 nd place in platinum team. Got stone league chests. No response but Genetic. Monday will be 4 days. 5 error games not getting the right amount of coins per win. Things disappear from my inventory. I have been double charged on this game more than once for a package with no results from the developers or apple I have to go after my Cc. Only to have apple threatened me with shutting down my ability to use my phone. I’m feeling down finally. Loosing paying customers should be your first and foremost to help. Have a nice stroll. Monday I’m leaving if this isn’t corrected.

I really hate this is going on with you! Communication is important in my club, I hope it works out with your club. If not, I had to clean house so I am in the middle of rebuilding my club
Looking for players that play,complete at least 1/3 cq and maintain daily points mainly just have fun and we love communication
If you would like to join the club gliding tikis

Same here then apple shuts my phone down. I have been keeping track the game is double dipping or I’m loosing items purchased and the game is not helpful in getting them back most times