Help on levels for points

Hello all just quick question i use to have a few favourite levels but they not that good now they are only averaging 80 cp when use to get 250 each time. Can anybody gave me few levels where decent club points thank you

They seemed to have taken away the streak bonuses on many levels and lessened the cp amount. We went through and tested over 600 levels. It happened to lots of them unfortunately after reset :pensive:

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Tidepool 59 but must have bomb defuser. Can usually win with max 0 to 2 new deals and 3 redstars at least90% of time. Bomb on every stack so only recommend if you click defuser right awat

Penguin 181 decent 3rd one monkey falls


Just curious - do those levels still work for you or have they been updated like the rest of the good levels people mention on here? I know 181 got overhauled for sure.

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55 and 67 are awesome. They have wilds. 67 has no boosters needed and 55 is easy DONT USE THE BOOSTER you don’t need to. Just get the first 3 cards on the red and black removal cards down right away. 213 is also a great coin return. Level 4 is easy. Just play over and over. Win or lose you get a great payout

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