Help. Messages sent to my phone from tripeaks

Did anyone get messages to your phone " coins waiting for you grab your SPF meet me on the island" then “aloha we have coins with your name on it come play in paradise” "serving up bonus coins enjoy n relax with tripeaks " what are these message and where are the coins

Once quite awhile ago I did get an email, and it was bonus coins, however I did not click on any link in the email, I trust no one… instead I directly opened the game and a pop up came up saying Congratulations 5k,the same way it pops up when we click on links through face book. That being said, you can forward that email you received to or take a screenshot and send a ticket in through the game asking if it is legitimate. Going through the help section while you are on the game will simplify the process as your player I.d is included in the ticket.


@gatrd, those notifications are to let you know that the Free Coins (that are available every 20 minutes), are ready for you. :slight_smile:

Duh! Thanks I kinda figured that out I’ve been playing for years never had that thought “oh it’s a scavenger hunt” no I just left AT&T and they had all notifications on. Obviously they are always off or I would have seen that earlier lol duh… thanks

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