Help! How do I build a team?

I started my own club, in hopes that I could build a team and have a club that suited my needs. So far I am having zero luck finding players that 1) actually play and 2) read chat for updates. I’ve tried changing the motto to keep everyone updated on requirements, I’m constantly posting in chat, and I remove those that don’t follow requirements after giving them ample time to comply. Leadership is FRUSTRATING!!! Any tips or pointers to help a new leader out? Thanks!


I have the same problem! It has taken weeks to build the team up again. Hopefully, we are there now. Time will tell. Good luck to ya.

I agree, it takes time. It’s a little easier now that our new members don’t have to know what order we doing perks, as long as they don’t insist on working on another perk by themself, and they make enough points, they can stay LOL

That’s part of my issue! Lol. I’ll have a couple working on 5 and a couple working on 4 and the rest on 6 and no matter how many times I ask then to move to the right perk they ignore it completely and do their own thing.

I actually hit the max number of removals today! Oy! Lol

Do you have the capability to reorder perks? It forces them on to the perk you want. Go into Pele’s Perks (the volcano), on the top right corner is a Reorder button.

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They’re in the order I want, but they can still select which perk to go to.

I will move them.back once and then tell them of it happens again they will be booted.


@Crystal_L, the players that don’t follow along are not team players, and don’t need to be on a team!

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