Come give us a try! We have dropped our daily minimum to 5k! Complete every quest and COMMUNICATE! Please come join us! We need some good dedicated players! Hope to see you soon! Club is Just Playing, picture has tongue sticking out! Currently platinum league!


What level is your club and how could I join if I wanted to

We are usually at diamond, but dropped down this week to platinum because some members left. We are just playing with the top person being Sharon for now! Many other clubs are just playing also, but if you look for Sharon, you can find us. If you can meet minimums and complete every quest just come on over! Would love to have you!

Your club name is what tho? It will be easier for members to find you if you leave that :blush: good luck
You find that on your clubhouse screen located by the clubhouse

“Just playing”. There are a few of them. Theirs is the highest ranking one.

I happen to know about this Sharon. She joined my group during rest period from her team before she rejoined Just Playing. She was a consistent top 3 score for my team before she left.

Alana, what is the name of your club so I can invite you?