**CAN’T GET RID OF DOUBLE STACK FROM LAST WEEK, HELP PLEASE. I’ve reset my game, turned my phone off and on, logged out and back in, lost my personal icon of the pink cross for awhile but it came back, and yet still I cannot get rid of this DOUBLE STACK that we won last play week, which is now finished and we’re in to another new week. I personally can’t play the way I do as long as it stays. I would be so thankful on how to fix this if anyone knows. Thanks so much!**strong text

What island are you on? If you are on any island on Tiki Seas, they are all double stacks and you will not be alble to get rid of them. If you are not however, I would suggest reaching out to support through the game. Go to MENU, and hit HELP or send them an email at:


I am in Tiki Paradise, and no, double stack is not the norm. It all started 2 weeks ago when my club won the extra final perk for the week. The reward for the week was a week of double stack, but, when the week was over and the game reset, the double stack didn’t go away when it should have.

I’ve done everything. Reinstalled the game, etc. And I can’t get rid of it. It’s awful because you’re actually losing cards, that’s why most played games are a big loss for me when usually a good win.

I thank you SO MUCH for the link!!! That was so sweet and kind of you to take the time to do that for me! And thank you too, for reaching out and responding. I appreciate it so very much!

Tiki Paradise [destination after Tiki Skies] also have double stack unfortunately. So, you must mean Tiki Beaches. Make sure you let them know it’s Tiki Beaches you are talking about and not Tiki Paradise. Hope all gets resoved for you. Also, if you can, take a screen shot of the level that has the double stack on Tiki Beaches.

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I LOVE double stack so can’t understand why you’d want it gone?! Use and abuse it I say :slight_smile:

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I love double stack, don’t understand why you want it gone.

Just enjoy your double stacks!! Games are easier and you can make a lot of coins! If I was you you I’d just keep quiet and enjoy it!! Lol