Help build Peanut Gallery

Peanut Gallery is looking for serious players. Right now we’re a Gold league team and have maintained that league with only a few daily players. I’m trying to build a team where everyone works together to achieve all perks and work our way up to legend league.
Rules are simple

  1. Communicate if you are unable to play
  2. NO GUEST ACCOUNTS name must be changed!
  3. PLAY TO STAY! If you don’t play and you don’t communicate you will be removed. Max idle time 24 hours unless approved.
  4. JOIN FB Group within 24 hours of joining club. All communications will be done there. Rewards will also be posted.
  5. 1500 club points before first idle
  6. Participation in tributes and club quests are mandatory
    This is a new club. The goal of this club is to build a legend league team where everyone works together