Help as a new leader?

Good morning! I’m new to being a leader of my own club and am having a few issues. Panicked Tiki! Is the name and I would love to make a great team with daily players with very limited requests right now…Some answers would be great, if anyone can help out? Ty in advance!

1- how do you find out who keeps jumping on a different perk? Even after I change the order to put them where they belong and ask nicely…?

2-I’ve heard there’s a limit to how many in a day and I’ve already got the “squatters” lol after giving fair tome and warning, how do I just remove them?


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NJ, if you open the club icon, you will see the leaderboard, each player and the perk they are working on. Whoever is not on the perk you have set is the player who is jumping. To remove a player, tap on that person again from the leaderboard and you will see a remove button. If you tap that, you will be asked if you are sure. If so, tap again and that player is gone. Hope this helps.


It does. Ty very much for your help!!!

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