Hello? Anyone there??

It seems that no one is listening to the feedback on the Scavenger Hunt. What all I have seen, the majority of players DO NOT LIKE IT, so why, TriPeaks, do you continue to make it a quest during the week? If you are so set to keep it, at least let it just be one of the pick 3 and let the other 2 be the old pick 3. Why do you not care about your players??? Hope this didn’t go to voicemail and you actually LISTEN!! Thank you :blush:


Yes - you go girl - I COMPLETELY AGREE with everything in your post. It’s Great! TRI-PEAKS ARE YOU LISTENING TO UR PLAYERS???


Did you actually send your feedback to the game or just post here?

You can send general feedback
It’s under the menu portrait
The screen will say news-forum-events…ect
Towards the bottom it will be a green button
that’s the button…you fill out all info there and submit
There is a choice for general feedback which you are giving here and I think you should also send it to the game, this is just a forum-players helping players…not all complaints will get to Tri peaks this from here…(well that’s my opinion)


Yes, I did send them an email. Thank you for your advice. I believe we can post anything game related on here. There are many that do. Have a great day! :blush:


There is actually a section labeled game suggestions and feedback. Didn’t know if you knew that or not. Now you do. Thanks! :blush:


I agree! I am so disappointed that now they are all Scavenger Hunt!!


Yea but don’t go there cuz u have a better chance of ppl hearing your concerns here ,they only have one person who will reply with ,I have heard your concerns and will get back to you within 3 days which means,I don’t care what your concerns are and I’m.deleting everything ,because he never does get back with you so don’t click contact they Don’t Care!


I totally agree!! Thanks :blush:


Me too and so is 3/4 of the players on here.


Oh I’m sorry you fell that way. I have actually had great luck threw the still need help button(email).
Yes I have got it will take x amount of hours and if I’m not satisfied with the answer they give then Iv always received a follow up email asking if I was and If I was not Id state the reason and it’s only ever taken me that 1return email to get my problems solved…
In this matter right now the scavenger hunt has changed a bit from when I 1st tested it(b4 they made it official) .so I actually fell they are taking our feedback and using it , we may not fell it’s in our best interest but everyone has there own feelings.
I will continue to use the still need help button for all my game feed back, and always checking and posting on forum to see what others have to say.
Have a great day!


Right? I hate waiting the time to go hunting

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I Totally agree. I hate their new scavenger game and I have sent in two complaints. Rondo


I totally agree. I gave up on that nonsense. Why they ever introduced this is ridiculous. Someone’s bright idea to have us spend, spend, spend. No thanks. I like other challenges.


GSN doesn’t listen nor do they care. It’s the same principle as to why winning percentage is down to about 20% when it was closer to 60% before. They say they are making game better but in reality they are taking the fun out of the game.

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60% wow!! I can’t imagine the goodies you can get at that rate.

I agree with the winning %, I’m really getting frustrated with the game because of that! When you play 40 games and win 3 to 5 of them, and most of the lose’s are by needing 1 card after flipping 5 to upwards of 15 cards from the deck. (I count). As far as the scavenger hunt, I’m not keen on it either. I have noticed that they do give you more hunts back in the other islands, instead of getting all of them and then having to get the rest at the last level you’re on. So that is better.

The new quests are horrible, so many points are needed to complete them…I gave up on them. I work on tripeaks and club…what a waste

I didnt like it either. It was doing to much as far as having to look for it.

I agree, I love this game and some of us on fixed incomes could never come near reaching the end. I am so grateful that you give us freebies, but some cost more than the benefits.

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I believe what u’r saying here. Every time I’ve sent “feedback,” I’ve wondered if it wz even read; they seem to hv acted AGAINST whatever I complained abt. Ys, I got acknowledgement of their hvg received my feedback & later got form letter indicating they had read it, but I hvn’t able to submit one single “survey of satisfaction” coz–no matter hw soon after receiving it–it indicated time had expired for submitting it.

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