SO!!! any tips from those of you who have had trouble with loading the game? Tonight has been THE WORST!!! Have uninstalled and reinstalled 5X and have cleared my cache! PLEASE if anyone has THE secret… share with me. BTW I am playing on a new Samsung tablet

@gags66, I can’t even reinstall on my Samsung tablet. The screenshot of what I get at the play store is on this post

My game won't open at all since last update

I was thinking it was because I have a fairly older tablet, but maybe it’s all Samsung tablets. I’m thinking they’ll want to fix that. Our at least give us a link to an older version of Tripeaks.


@gags66, I know you said new Samsung tablet, just wondering what version operating system it has. Another player got this answer from customer service

My game won't open at all since last update

@CindyLu I play on Samsung tablet too. Did the update & no problems ( finger crossed ). I have the Samsung A

How do you know it is a samsung a? All I know is mine is a galaxy tab e lite …lol

And sorry. … how do you update? Mine says it is always updating automatically

@gags66, it looks like the galaxy tab e lite, has the Android 4.4 version, and should be able to run Tripeaks (according to the info we got from the other players customer service person).

Automatic updates means you don’t have do it yourself, but you could try uninstalling and reinstalling to make sure

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Well @Mags, did it work? my fingers are crossed too!