Has anyone ever been probibited from playing

Has anyone ever had a box popping up saying you are prohibited from playing tripeaks please contact customer service? With an ok at the bottom. Hit ok then game app closes!

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No! I have not…

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No I have not seen that. I would definitely be contacting support!

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I am a team leader and I can’t get into my own room. Contacted them several times with no response that’s why I joined this forum to possibly find an answer to my issue.


Hi Danielle - you will need to contact Player Services, but you’ll need to do it via email, since you can’t get into the app. Email them at: solitairetripeakssupport@gsn.com. :slight_smile:

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I have sent several emails without a reply. Meanwhile I have a room full of active players that I can’t communicate with and no answer as to why!

I am also a team leader and have never heard of that issue. Are you facebook “friends” with any of the players? We have created a facebook group for our team. Maybe create one and let any of the players you are “friends” with know to post the group info on chat? Doesn’t fix the issue of not logging in, but at least fixes the communication w/ the team issue. Good luck!

Some players have been banned from playing. If TriPeaks sees that cheating or something else is going on with an account, that player may be banned from playing. Those conditions are explained in the game’s Terms, etc.

But I haven’t cheated I wouldn’t even know how to! They gave me the same generic response after emailing them several times. I want to know exactly what irregularities they are accusing me of. I play everyday. I earned 6 million coins maybe they have a problem with that but I legitimately have earned them. They jip me daily of coin exchanges and on other challenges…sent emails with zero response. They have really aggravated me.

I have 8+ million coins (legit earned) and I’ve never had that happen

Wow, I never saw that. :smiley: