Has any merges with other clubs been successful?

My team and ecently tried to merge with another team but didn’t end well. Has there been any successful merges out there?

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My team would like to merge with a team who has 10 - 15 strong players dedicated & addicted to the game. We, Tiki_scotland, are currently gold. We were high Platinum, got all 7 perks every week…then someone or something happened …what level are your team? How many great players to you have?
Let’s see is merge can work. I’m leader Tiki_scotland.
Please email me so we can discuss annie.69@live.co.za or even better if you have WhatsApp send me your phone number including country State codes. Then we can chat about it. My name is Anne-Marie. I’m in South Africa, +2GMT HOPING TO HEAR FROM YOU SOON :wink: XOXO.

Our team has tried two merges. The first one, the leaders were very nasty and rude although game play was ok. We went as team and left as a team due to the Leaders of the new club. Then our second merge was an absolute disaster. The Leader was not as all who they portrayed themselves to be and held different people to different standards. It was just stressful every single day. So after two very unsuccessful merges, we decided to take the demotion hit and just start our own club. It’s been hard letting go of the league awards but we’re climbing back fast.

So I’m going to say it depends. I think that in order for a successful merge to happen both clubs have to have the same sort of priorities not just in club rules but in how we play, how we communicate, a mutual understanding that two clubs are merging and forming strong relationships across the two clubs is going to take a little while so having lots of communication, understanding and patience is going to be needed until the “one club” relationship is built.

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