Has any merges with other clubs been successful?

My team and ecently tried to merge with another team but didn’t end well. Has there been any successful merges out there?

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My team would like to merge with a team who has 10 - 15 strong players dedicated & addicted to the game. We, Tiki_scotland, are currently gold. We were high Platinum, got all 7 perks every week…then someone or something happened …what level are your team? How many great players to you have?
Let’s see is merge can work. I’m leader Tiki_scotland.
Please email me so we can discuss annie.69@live.co.za or even better if you have WhatsApp send me your phone number including country State codes. Then we can chat about it. My name is Anne-Marie. I’m in South Africa, +2GMT HOPING TO HEAR FROM YOU SOON :wink: XOXO.