Hard time playing game

I have been trying to play my game three days now. I have spent a good amount of money on this game and not being able to play is very frustrating. Yesterday because of it I lost any chance to win the 5 wildcards, and our club would have had three chests but we only got two.

I love this game and have spent close to $500 on google play and too not be able to play is very upsetting. It takes forever to load on bluestacks, where else can I play that uses google play? I am on Tiki Seas and dont want to start over. I have also emailed GSN from the web site since the email that is posted is not valid. Please help. At least I got to get in for a few minutes but still not able to play any hands and the volcano is about to blow, which is not fair to our club. I heard that other players are having this issue through google play.

I use KOPLAYER, & don’t have many problems with that emulator. (I had to look up bluestacks lol)

The only thing I found is that I occasionally have to close tripeaks & go back in, because once a player is active, it’ll say active forever. If you are not a team leader, you might not care.

Other that that, it plays fine!

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I would try totally uninstalling the game & reinstalling. I usually have to do this every month or so.

Never heard of “bluestacks” or ”Koplayer”. Have never used google play. Can y’all explain what these are and what is the advantage of google play. I must say that I am “technically” challenged at times!! :rofl:. If too much trouble to explain, I don’t mind you ignoring my questions. I can google this like Cindy Lou did. :kissing_heart:

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@Katherine_Carnes What email are you using?

Hi Ginny did the uninstall reinstall twice no luck. I am thinking my thing burnt to the ground, LOL. Does Ko Player do Google play I hope?

Yes @Katherine_Carnes, KOPLAYER uses Google play :slight_smile:

@Kokua, bluestacks and KOPLAYER are Android emulating software for PC, to play tripeaks on the computer :slight_smile:

Hahaha. Thanks, but I’m i think I will stick to my iPad!! :kissing_heart:

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well I tried koplayer and my computer had a total fit had to do a system restore just to get it unloaded from my system. Not am trying to figure out where else I can play tripeaks on my computer that uses google play and links to facebook, am in tiki seas dont feel like going backwards, and starting over, LOL thanks guys for the input.

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Big bummer @Katherine_Carnes :frowning:

Yay well I am finally playing again, back on bluestacks. I am wondering where is the new stuff at I have been reading about? Have you checked it out yet? Thanks again for all your help.

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YAY @Katherine_Carnes I’m glad to hear you are back on the game. Are you asking about the ability to reorder perks? Seems like it’s in testing, and some teams have it. We don’t have it yet, but it sounds like there are some kinks that need to be worked out.

I am having an issues where game keeps freezing using blue stacks 3N, having issues with blue stacks all together, have tried other android emulators but either my anti virus does not like it or mostly because I have to have virulization enabled however have been informed this is a security risk, am sure needing assistance with this.