Had 308,000 coins from thanks for 2x large gift box saved... It's GONE!!!!

I had 308,000 coins saved from ‘Thanks’ from team members when I purchased a large 2x club gift box. They were there yesterday and when I was ready to use them last night, they were all GONE!!! I don’t want to play if this is how the game is going to be!!! That’s way too many coins to be missing out on & they are rightfully mine!! I put in a ticket and they just said “We’ve reviewed your account and we were able to confirm that your account was properly credited with all the Thanks Coins on 5/9”… what do I have to do to get them back!!!

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Do you have screenshots of your coins prior?
The submit a ticket is not a user friendly method, you basically have to be ready and willing to nag.
Upon that years ago I had an issue with friend coins, I collected and it did not add to my total. I replied to them when they said according to what they see I did receive them. I insisted and replied back I did not. I had no proof other than what I remembered.
After multiple emails, they sent me the chart.
It did say collected, and there was a line that had my balance before and after, there it was, unchanged. I emailed them back and told them to look at the before and after balances, I did get coins sent to my inbox.
The support system works in tiers, so the more you reply to the ticket it gets moved up in the system. It’s not ideal, but that is how it works. Keep emailing them.


I do have screenshots and I plan on sending them in. I have screenshots on the day they said I got the coins because the last club member said thanks on that day I believe. But like you said, it would show them I hadn’t collected them right? If that’s the case they should be able to just look at my account and see that I hadn’t collected them from my inbox yet. This gives me hope!! Thank you!!


How do you collect coins from an inbox? Where is that?

Tammy _Ross1, the inbox is located to the right under the friends center and the islands. It’s where you collect your chests from perk celebration and it’s also where free club gifts & club gifts purchased by team members are. When you buy a large gift box you get 7,000 coins from each’ thanks’ you get from your team mates & if it’s double gift day everyone receives 2 and you get 14,000 from each ‘thanks’. The coins from the ‘thanks’ are sent to your inbox.


Did u double check the inbox they are at the bottom just before the daily club bonus.
Some times if you log out and log in through Facebook they come back.

If you didn’t click on them in the inbox and u have screen shots the before and after the time on there chart u should be able to prove u lost them. They will always say nothing is wrong u have to keep after them.

By the way you are missing 28000 coins 2 team mates didn’t open their gifts. U can ask them to and it will start another count in your inbox.


I would email rather than using the stupid no-help center.

Once you submit a ticket, the response is by email. Then all further communication is through email.

Submitting a ticket has an added advantage for customer support. They are given vital information about your account that can assist in problem solving.

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How am I missing 28,000? I would be missing 42,000 but I believe we only had 22 members at the time. I am thinking one of my boys (either 1 yo or 4 yo) must have gotten on here and collected on my game! Because they emailed me back & it does show that it’s collected. Thank you for the help everyone…


@Emily_Grimes, when my granddaughter was 3, she bought a .99 cent app for me LOL