Guests joining clubs

As a club leader, I am wearing out trying to get guests to change to a nickname. I wish there was a way to require a real name or nickname to join a club.


My Club doesn’t allow guests to join.


They likely not only don’t know how to change their name but also don’t know how to use chat. Only solution is to boot or change to Invite Only


I have found in lower level club - you will get a lot of guest, and it is very hard to get them to change.
If you post how to do in the club notes might help you.
Good luck.


The other thing with “Guest” joining your Club is they are trolls. They go from Club to Club to collect benefits. Good point on invite only club, that way you will know who you are getting.

If they don’t respond to our request to change their name we remove them, its in our club rules that no guest names are allowed so if they don’t change their name they haven’t read our rules.

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Some guests are just new players and not jumpers.

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