GSN UNFAIR ON Tribute quests

Who will agree with me that the tribute quests is asking too much of club members! We have recently lost several members and can’t get anybody to join us! But yet, we still get tribute quests requiring 25 members to complete when we only have 22 or 23 members! What gives? It’s impossible to do a 25 member quest with only 23! Who is with me on this! Let’s boycott the tribute quests! TOTALLY UNFAIR!


I personally like the tribute quests for two reasons 1. They help club members keep there tribute counts up (especially during the mini tikis event) 2. They give you prizes that aren’t offer on any other quest.


No one is boycotting the best quests. Keep a full team or be prepared to lose as they will not change anything if it helps us in any way.


If you want to get the quest without 25 members you and other team members can set up backup accounts so you can cover. That’s what my team (Dunedain) does and we never miss a CQ


We currently have 21 members & they want 23 people to complete ours! Unfair is an understatement

Yes unfair wake up people

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Yes I truly agree on what everyone is saying about this

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It is ridiculous. They probably ask for more members than you have if you have people come in and play a little and leave or are booted. I think the system counts them, although they are no longer there.

Our club has 3 players with a second really helps alot. they should set for 20 players to max

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Completely agree. We can’t force someone to come in to our team let alone play.

No one should have to do this to complete a quest. This is a game & not our lives. They need to be reasonable with the amount of members.

We only have 19 or 20 each week they keep leaving because of this problem.

I agree, unfair and should be removed!

How do you create a backup Cam how do you create a backup account

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You can install Soiltaire on two devices or set up a 2nd Facebook account. All you are really doing is creating a new player profile on the game then if you need to cover somebody on a quest you can take that account into your club and finish the CQ. Hope that helps :slightly_smiling_face:

Also, welcome to the forum!!

Agree 100%!! Tripeaks has become ridiculously greedy. I’m to the point I’m considering finding a different game.
btw… I’m a Marine Mom also! Ooh rah!! My Marine is almost 8years in🇺🇸

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Our team has missed the 24 max for over a month in a row,
No helpers …
Ours never drops .
I think it should be like other quest such as win games, play games…ect .
If you miss those quest the max number drops the next time it pops up .

Sounds like you’re already at the lowest max amount for your league and that would explain why there is no drop. All quests have a point where they will stop dropping and forced acceptance of losses. Tribute quests are considered “extreme”. 24 max only calls for 1 round of tribute collection, not sure what lowest amounts exist for rookie to stone team but can look into it. The only way to drop that low is drop down low in league because performance proves abilities (games view not mine)

Same! A couple of our members have additional accounts that are only used for tribute quests. They don’t go very far, making the tribute quests easier to win. We also have a rest team. Sometimes we ask players there, if they would like to help, the primary team with the CQ, since the payout is higher.