Green Team needs you

Hello, we are looking for fun friendly players who are happy to chat. We use the chat function to communicate club quest and competition strategies.
10k weekly and all club quests required. We go between gold and platinum leagues and usually get all perks.
Please come and join us :blush:


@Laurene_Craig, welcome to the forum! Good luck filling your team!


Sounds like a club I would like to join? Can you tell me if I switch clubs do I get to bring all my coins, etc with me?

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Perk Crushers!!! Is looking as well. Join us for fun excellent teamwork!
Include exclamations.

Hi Becky,
You’ll keep all your coins and boosters, only thing you’ll lose is your weekly club points but you can start building them up with us again.
Send us a request to join “green team”
See you soon!

Can you send me a request … stich … Is my club’s name.

I found the club, what’s your user name?

Would love to join your team. Send me an invite…

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