Green Team needs new players

Hello, we are looking for fun friendly players who are happy to chat. We use the chat function to communicate club quest and competition strategies.
10k weekly and all club quests required, you can let us know if you won’t be playing for a while or if you can’t make the requirements, that’s why we use the chat. We go between gold and platinum leagues and usually get all perks.
Please come and join us :blush:

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Hi there. Are you still looking for players? Trying to figure out which Green Team you are. Thinking of changing clubs. I’m a daily player, do my part with quests, tributes, etc. Looking for a new club with members that work together. Thanks :slight_smile:

Hey! Yes we are. The team name is “green team” if you request to join I’ll accept you

Or if you tell me your current club I’ll try and send you an invite to join us