Great team looking for members

Tired of the drama and demands of a legend team? Newer to the game and want to learn to be a better player? Want to be on a fun, helpful, chatty team who max cqs, get Goldie Saturday, all perks by Sunday and always get the surprise perk? We love winning goodies!
We might be the team for you! Couch Potatoes is a mix former legend, long time and newer players who love this crazy game. Some of us are slightly addicted :two_hearts:.
3 k before idle, max cqs, post in chat and help keep “old cranky” (volcano) happy. We ask for 6 k, Fri, Sat and Sunday so we get perks done asap.
We move between platinum and Diamond. No desire to be legend. We prefer a slower fun pace with fewer demands. We have extra accounts for when life takes over, have a FB page with tons of tips and tricks, a group message and I run dgd and doubler groups! (Like I said some of us are addicted). Looking for a change … give us a try.
Right now we have 5 spots open so while not looking for a merge it might be a good fit if a few are looking to move together.


i am looking for a team that wants to move forward. I play daily and am getting nowhere. I can’t afford to continually by packages to keep playing. I am currently with King of Kings

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I need a new team asap. I love the players on my current team but we miss so many cqs that I have lost too many coins. I have been in about 4.clubs in the last year. Haven’t found a good fit. I keep dropping my bank lower and lower. I had just under 9 mil and had to move to a new club because of hostile in the club. I have been searching for a new good club ever since. I currently have 800k coins. I need to build it back up and regain my enthusiasm for this game.
I play daily and finish all the cqs. I play tribs. Haven’t done the dig for awhile because of the loss of my coins. I love to chat and have fun. Not a fierce player but do 15k cp plays 200-300 tribs a week.

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Looking for a club that moved the 6th perk to one of the top quests. Nothing like starting out with a hold tiki

Hi Greg!
Diamonds for ever sounds like a good place for you! We’re trying to rebuild our team. Like the name states, we were a diamond club but had some discord. Most team leaders and some players have stuck it out… We make perk 6 our second perk, we’ve always won all the perks and make the quests but lost great players and now we’re trying alternative methods to build back!

Hi @Greg_Stebbins1 check out my post from Skyz the Limit.
If you are interested you can pm me and/or send a request

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Nice to see you are still around @Miranda. You are another diehard! LOL :slight_smile:

Lol yep, I’m everywhere but most in the background enjoying my relaxed and still fun playtime🤗

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I’m not sure what timezone you are in, but you might be a night owl too LOL

@Greg_Stebbins1, if you are looking for a good team, I can tell you @Miranda’s team, Skyz the Limit, has been around for a long time! :slight_smile:

I’m in The Netherlands, I wish it was night so I could sleep without excuses🤣

Consider DJ’s Platinum team. What is your current team and your player name please? I would love to send you an invite and would love for you to try us out! Thanks, Carlin

I looking for play the jews game I collect point for the team. Most of all I a team player