Great friendly players needed

Hello…I am the leader of a team called Winners r Us! We currently have 11 spots open for team members who love to play in Club Competition and help with Club Quests. We are finding it hard to find great players who will abide by the following rules…
Club rules-
Members must qualify and play in Club Competition and Club quests. Club competition MUST ONLY HAVE 4 HOLES OPEN AT A TIME and find gold before any more r dug. Not participating in 2 consecutive Club Competitions without notifying Club leaders will be removed. No Guests allowed. ALL new members must agree to rules on messages (click < on middle right of screen), if u do not type agree, u will be removed. Let’s play as a team and win :slight_smile:
Please join our team if u love the game and chat to help each other… Winners r Us!

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Many players do not play the dig game and won’t join clubs that force and/or require it

Hi Anonymous489…Yeah I understand different clubs have their different rules…We r still looking for new members…Playing Club Quest and helping each other is what our team loves to do in the game…We understand it’s not for everyone, but the rewards r great!

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I am in the same boat as you Tiger_Winnie.

I am a co-leader of our club and I give new members the chance to agree to our rules, be a team player and play the club quests. I try and catch them when they are on and give them at least two chances to agree to the rules and play the CQ, if they don’t, then I remove them.
I love that you have on your rules that they must type agree or be removed. I think I will discuss this with our leader and add it to our rules.
I don’t have time to continuously ask new players to communicate. I have found that the new player that stays and plays by the rules are the ones who willingly state that in chat. Those that never use chat, also don’t follow the rules.
I have asked our other co-leaders not to accept any invite requests less than 48 hours before beset, but some still do. It is a bugbear of mine that they use our club to get coins, perks etc, then leave or not be team players in the first instance.
We are inviting only, and if people want to join us they will put in a request, if they don’t they won’t. We only have 15 players atm, and we have been struggling to get above that, sometimes we have but for the most part, they are removed after a couple of days for not following the rules.
Cathy Always Rejoice

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U r spot on! People who don’t communicate in chat don’t read the rules or don’t understand… It’s frustrating, but I look forward to finding other great members…that fit right in :slight_smile: