Good player looking for a team

Hello! The team I’ve been on for nearly a year had to close for the leader’s personal reasons. I need a new team!

  • 5000 pts per day/min 35,000 a week
  • does all CQs
  • likes the digging competition because of the gems
  • east coast time zone (USA)

The team:

  • has a good digging strategy and usually comes in first
  • gets all CQs
  • English speaking
  • good communication and team work

Are we a match???


I know you will find a good match. Good luck!

Thank you very much!

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Darn! We are full. I’m sure you will find a team. Best of luck!!

You sound like the perfect match for R Happier Team @AmyW24!

We’re a friendly, supportive team and have a Facebook group for extra support and sharing tips, too.

We’re Platinum. Min. is 15K on Sunday and 30,000 at reset.

I’m EST and many of our players are, too. :slight_smile:

The only thing we don’t do 100% is the digging competition. We play hard for it when we have Goldie, but most only play the initial 2 - 3 shovels when we don’t have Goldie to save coins, boosters…and to work toward getting Goldie faster. It made a huge difference when we made this switch.

If interested, let me know your player name and I’d be happy to approve you. :slight_smile:

Come join us on Tiki torches! We have a great team and go for the gems in the digs. Terbear WAS on our team, but they chose to dig in 7 or 8 different holes at once, not help! We now need a new person, unless Cathy (read chats) filled it already.

Awesome! I’ll check it out!

There are a few teams with that name. What level is your club (platinum, etc.)?

We need one more player, diamond team, we expect communication in chat and we have a FB page, we have rules for our dig competition, we have a 4K+ daily minimum, must work on/complete all CQ’s. Come check us out We Want Perks!

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Rock Stars (platinum/gold) is looking for good consistent players who can do at least 20,000 club points and 150 tributes per week. Maximum 20 hrs idle. We always communicate well through our messenger chat and when it comes to digs, we decide as a team whether to dig or not but always pair up and usually come first.

Perkmasters is looking for a solid player like yourself. We’re a friendly established group.

Sounds like you’d be a good fit for my team - ice hotel

We’re a gold league team & plan to stay that way :wink: If we get to play’ we always get demoted back down again :frowning:

We love to dig & always very highly ranked

We love daily players but appreciate life happens all we know is you communicate & let’s us know via chat or pm via our FB page if to personal for chat :wink:

We get most CQ but not always plays :wink:

We do regularly cross team parternership with fellow gold league Tikki sunrises & hope you don’t mind returning :wink:

We welcome usable second accounts to if required

Look forward to welcoming you to our family

Jlassiter - I’m interested! I see you are full now. If you lose anyone at game reset, let me know!

I requested to join the group on Facebook. If I don’t make the team soon, I’ll leave the group. But I love that you have a page and can keep your team connected and informed! I think I’d make a great addition if space becomes available. Thank you!

Sorry Amy. We had 2 new folks join one right after the other. I’ll keep your info and I have passed it on to our Leader!

Thank you very much!

You are as perfect match for Handsdown4ever. Please come see us. Thanks

Please join Mayhem A Go Go!! We are a great team looking to rebuild w/ a few great players. You’d fit nicely!