Good player looking for a good team

I’m looking to join a good team that communicates and complete club quests preferably in the gold league

My Coffee Break is looking for a couple good players. We are a gold team. We request 20k per week, work club quest and tributes. Competion not required, left up to you. Most read chat. If interested please come join us.

Sounds like you’d be a good fit for my team - ice hotel

We’re a gold league team & plan to stay that way :wink: If we get to play’ we always get demoted back down again :frowning:

We love to dig & always very highly ranked

We love daily players but appreciate life happens all we know is you communicate & let’s us know via chat or pm via our FB page if to personal for chat :wink:

We get most CQ but not always plays :wink:

We do regularly cross team parternership with fellow gold league Tikki sunrises & hope you don’t mind returning :wink:

We welcome usable second accounts to if required

Look forward to welcoming you to our family

Can you send me an invite please and I will join in the morning after reset

Could you send me an invite so I can join in the morning after reset

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What’s your game name & what team you on to be able to do that :wink: ?

Lisa(u.k) beach lovers

Hi could you send me an invite please my name is Lisa(u.k) I’m in beach lovers

We Want Perks! Has an opening. Diamond team that requires communicating. Must complete CQ’s, 4K+ points minimum per day, specific rules for the digging competition. Check us out if you are interested.