Good Game Gone Wrong

When I started playing this game I absolutely loved it! It was a totally differenebt game from all of the ‘candy crush’ styled ones. It took some time to figure out and eventually got the hang of it and became a part of an amazing club that feels like an extended family gathering every time I play. Besides being a fun game and connecting with great people it was also relaxing and enjoyable. However, over the last few months the game has begun to change and not for the better. I get that in order to stay on top of the market you need to constantly change, update, etc. However, the changes that have been made seem to be those that are geared towards the money making aspect of the game rather than that of the enjoyment of the players. Changing weekly challenges by introducing the (horrendous coin-sucking, waste of time) scavenger hunts took a lot away. Players who once looked forward to the variety of different challenges and getting to choose attainable prizes were fun. The scavenger hunts however are not. They are mostly on the new games and are hard to get. Completely a challenge can take a long time and use up an extensive amount of coins only to be unfulfilled. The scavenger hunts aren’t the only thing that have taken away from the enjoyment of the game play either. The daily log in 30 minute prizes now are subjected to excessive pop ups about purchasing coins taking away from the ‘won’ time. Pop ups occur during the game in general but seemed to have increased during that time significantly. Purchasing extra cards used to almost always result in being able to finish out a game but now even after sometimes purchasing extra cards two or three or four times for a ridiculous amount of coins rarely even yields in a needed card and games are not able to be won. The one thing that was a nice change was the coin sharing. That was until I heard that now it may be changed to a longer length of time in which to request coins and a limit has to how much. Again, I understand that creating and maintaining a game like this does require funding but making it to where we will only be able to play if we spend a ton of real money for fake coins is not with it no matter how enjoyable it is. Please change our game back and let us enjoy it!!! We don’t mind buying coins especially to help donate to a good cause or just helping out our members but to force our hand in making it the only way to play will destroy this once great game!


I agree with every single thing you said here!! Thank you for saying it all so completely and accurately!


I agree with you and now have a new complaint to add to the list. They have changed the treasure shrine. I used to spend coins there to get boosters and wild cards. I often lost money with the 2000 win. Now the only thing I have been able to win is 500. Most of the “prizes” are losing money. I am ready to quit the game. If others would do the same maybe they would quit ruining what used to be a fun game.

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Check out post…FRIEND CENTER PETITION, send a msg, participate in 1DAY NO PLAY on 1/31/20!

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