Good daily player needed for Treasure Bound.

Come and give us a try!

I play nearly every single day but I do have a busy life so maybe not 365/year. I like a club who communicates for strategy and some fun banter. I like to reach Perk 6 with gold Tiki after reaching Perks 1 & 2! I try to always contribute to club quests and I can reach at least 20k points per week and at least 250+ tributes per week often more. I like to play the gold digging game but only with a club who communicate and strategize on maxing the digging not just randomly stabbing the ground in the game. LOL.

@Heather_Pankratz have you found a new club home yet? If not, check out theTikiLounge. Jo is the leader, Bill and myself are Cos. We are an ambitious gold team looking for a few good daily players. We have tribute min of 100, 10k points by Thursday, participate in club quests, tribute quests with the club comp being optional but if you qualify you must dig. Annnddd use chat during dig to relay with teammates.
We still do perks in order for now but could be changing in the near future.
If we sound like a club you’d like to try, check us out. theTikiLounge