Gold League team needs players

Bea’s Bashers is looking for new players. We are a new team and growing strong. We have finished top in every club tournament so far and are now Gold. After this week we’re up again.

We’re looking for players who can definitely make 5000 CP per day and completes club quests. If you want to be a part of something big join us on Friday.

If your not a team player don’t bother. Our team is our family and we help and look out for each other.

Participation in chat is compulsory. Like i said we’re a family so we talk to each other

Bonjour, mon chéri et moi nous recherchons un club actif. Nous jouons quotidiennement. Mais nous voulons être dans le même club et les places ne sont pas nombreuses. Vous avez de la place pour nous ?
Je suis actuellement dans le club Tiki WPZ fr
Mais il n’y a pas de place pour mon chéri