Gold Club looking for 3 daily players

We are a friendly group looking for 3 players who like to play, chat and win!

We do have requirements to keep things fair. We realize people have lives and things happen. Just communicate when you’ll be away. Sometimes minimums aren’t met and that’s ok too as long as you try and make the effort. You’ll get there!

Basic requirements:
Play daily and Read chat
Min 25k club points and 200 tributes per wk
Complete daily club quests
Idle 36hrs/alert team or be removed (life happens, just let us know you will be away)

We do dig in the club comp but it is not a requirement for those who prefer not to dig. If you qualify, it is expected that you dig. You have 10 try’s to win shovels….win or lose, just try.

Just look us up and request to join!