Glitch in the Game

Did anybody else receive a weird amount of boosters yesterday? I got 15 bomb defusers then today got a task to play for more boosters. If I play this task, will it still give me boosters or will it not since I got those yesterday? I did not have a task yesterday for boosters. I had one for saving hearts for extra coins though which I completed and received the coins.


there was a glitch yesterday with scavenger hunt. If you played on of the scavenger games, it marked it complete and you were rewarded. It actually happened to me twice so I was rewarded twice. I won’t knock it. But I’ve decided to not play scavenger today - I’m focusing on staying high in the leaderboard because of the double rewards next week.

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Several of my Teammates and I received the extra Scavenger Hunt yesterday and were rewarded after playing just 1 or 2 games… Today I played the Scavenger Hunt and received the reward as usual.

I got that and the reward from today as well. Nice to get that stuff. I’ve paid out enough money on here for everything else.

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