Glazed Donuts is looking for players

Glazed Donuts is a casual and fun club. NO PRESSURE! All we ask is that you play on a regular basis. Try not to go 30 hours without playing, but if you do we give a lot of slack! Try to get in 5,000 or more points a week is all we ask. And we do understand that people have lives. Some will get over 20,000 in one week and not make 5,000 the next. All we ask is that you play. No club minimum.

You had me at donuts! I am a daily player. Usually get 9l to 15k week, 250-300 tributes. I just hate rules and pressure and nagging. Sounds like this may be the club for me.

Please keep an eye out and join us then!!! About half the club gets over 7500 a week and the other half between 3000 and 7500. No nagging, just fun! All we ask is 3000 a week, and it is amazing that we have 1-2 not do that. And we never remove them until it is 2 weeks in a row. And if you let us know in advance you will be out for a week that is OK, just tell us!!!

Did not see you join! We had 2 openings. Check in next Thursday!!!