give us a Hold Pile

i’ve read about a “hold pile” but never seen it. would like to be able to remove a card from the deck and “hold” it for another game. would also like to be able to defer free game play until i have time to use it… suggested by many other players


The only “hold pile” is for use in that current game…it can’t be held to play in a future game!

@Sage_West, that would definitely add more strategy to the game!!

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I’ve heard the “Hold” pile is for the same game, but I’d like to be able to “Hold” the card to use in a different game. Sometimes I get a Volcano card and there’s only one card left. I’d rather “Hold” that Volcano card and use a Wild card in my inventory - which would remove the ‘only one card left.’ The strategy it lends itself too is good management of assets and funds. I suppose it would be okay if that “Hold” pile would reset to no cards at the end of each day - so that you weren’t stockpiling Volcano cards and Golden Tiki’s and other cards held.
As for Free Plays - we’re earning those left and right - and I don’t always want to play the more costly islands when I ‘pick up’ my Free Plays. Sometimes I’m working back at Tiki Island - so let me choose to use the Free Play when I want - and that choice should NOT reset at the end of each day… because those were earned through play and not a freebie in the deck.


We finally got a hold card. … loved it!
Only thing left in this column is to be able to use free play when we choose. It think there are several other threads on that so this thread can be closed! :slight_smile:


I use the free plays on higher cost games i know to have a high win rate. It boosts my coin balance & then the free plays don’t go to “waste”.