Give Us a break!

Since tweaking the game, many if my Teammates, myself included cant win to save our soul!! Hiws bout You loosen the reins abit so We can enjoy playing!? Many are sayin they are thinkin of leaving because it’s not fun anymore!!!


They have rigged the game so much against the players, it’s nearly impossible to win a game. Players just want to have fun, the game people don’t care about fun, they just want our money.


I really like the game, but agree, I went from 200,000 coins to under 40,000 since the rollover and MAYBE won 10 games.
I am even being demoted in the red star race due to.lack of wins this time.


Am trying to talk my leader into sending email I composed to TriPeaks. And go to Leaders group to get them to do the same. These games now suck. I’ve been in here over 2 years, and they’re doing everything they can to make the games unwinnable. Am losing interest myself, and we are a top team in Legend. Everyone is unhappy with the changes and getting fed up.


I agree…often not much fun to play


i agree it has become pay to play they are making it harder and harder to win. i have to play 50 games to win 3. it’s ridiculous the way they are changing the games so that it’s impossible to win. once i’m out of coins i will quit

Agree, only won 1 game on level 1 when the the tournament started…what is up with that? Coins gone in a flash and then can’t plat and don’t get all the perks.

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Unfortunately the letter won’t work. They still have goodness knows how many players all over the world spending a fortune. I’ve written in so many times about different problems I can’t even count. Form letters is what they always send out. A Thank you for your feedback is about all u can hope to get out of ur sending ur letter. Last Sun when the red star leaderboard ended I was #4 with 4 mins left to so I left. Woke up & wasn’t promoted. Wrote in & was told I got the amount of coins I was supposed too & showed me. I smh & again explained the problem. A stupid form letter came back saying they were sending it to tech support. I’m going to lose over 200k this Sun due to their error so I wrote in again to have a supervisor contact me. Been waiting 5 days. They never do ANYTHING! Not sure why they even call it customer support. Hate this game now but love my team. That’s what they rely on which is why teams were made a while ago. I liked it better when I was just playing myself. No one can get them to listen or change no matter what! Even had to go thru Apple due to a purchase I made but didn’t get anything. Game asked me to prove it & I did. They said to contact Apple, there was nothing they could do?!? I could go on & on lol. Sorry so long. Just had to vent I guess lol.

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i’ve got some teammates i’ve been in the same club with for over 2 years. even they’ve talked about quitting. many have stopped buying any coins or packages. i guess if everyone in my club quits I’ll have more free time for other things!

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Do they even read these posts…and if so, why aren’t they doing something about it. Bring back the winnable games TriPeaks before you lose your business.

They want players to spend money. That’s all there is to it.

Same here ! I’m seriously thinking of deleting it off my phone. It does nothing but piss me off !

comment on their facebook posts

I wish we would all do that, but I really hate the thought of newbies joining and losing out, by being “tested “